social network test

Social network test: commenti su due immagini del social network buono o cattivo.
Hai gia’ un social network e vuoi acquistarne i diritti? Vuoi sapere quanto costa o vuoi fare un’offerta?
Hai dei soldi in piu’ da investire?

Dear Artitions!

We are the initiators of Artition – and we both are artists. 
As artists, we both have had lucky and some unlucky experiences. Without the right connections and financial help, it‘s very hard to have a chance in this competitive industry. As a „No-Name-Artist“ it‘s often very hard to achieve getting the attention and recognition one desires. 
In our last hopes we observed the World Wide Web that is known to solve or answer (nearly) every problem-. Completely wrong – we failed to find a website that would have the solution in our goal to succeed as an artist and get the recognition, without having to have a large financial input… 
From this date on, we decided to handle this gap and take things into our own hands by creating Artition. 
Artition is the easy electronic solution via internet,that will help artists to push themselves to success. 
With the possibility to exhibit, sell, rate and tag artworks as well as connect with new contacts, every user can do their best in deciding how much recognition one wants to achieve. 
With this concept we won the Open Web Award 2008, as the most innovative Social Networking Application, following our first investments. 

Beginning 2009, the merging with the Dillyfair AG took place.This cooperation is key for us to bring the website one step closer into the analogue World. Organising Artition contests, where winners will have the chance to exhibit in galleries in well known cities, will be one way of doing this. However, there are also other innovative features which will bring you the best package of what successful artists need. 
We wish you a lot of fun in using and living Artition! 
All the Best, 
Fabian Kliem
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